This Wonderful Bag of Stuff

I was genuinely described as “charismatic”, the other day.

I spent the next hour, flailing about and spluttering.

I’ve enjoyed watching Merlin because it’s a quality show.

I’ve enjoyed watching Merlin even more so, because of these clever cross-references to stuff!

My buddy’s riding a plane back from Michigan tomorrow, and he has two choices on what to watch during the trip. One is Wreck-It Ralph.

The other… porn.

He asked his dear friends on Facebook (including yours truly) on thoughts and help. His girlfriend suggested not to watch Wreck-It Ralph without her; she recommended the porn.

I suggested the best of both worlds: Ralph Wrecks It. (Starring “Long John” C. Reilly.)

So, remember when Monica slammed Ben’s head against the post, and he kept saying, “Monica bang”?

Turns out, the blow to the head took Ben to the future, for an instant, and he was, in fact, saying, “Monica Bing.”

My friend is a comic genius!

I’m so used to Tumblr by now, that when a new trend starts up, I approach it like Joey approached Rachel and Chandler eating cheesecake off the floor.

It’s the big 3-0 for me and my friends, this year.

I don’t if/what my friends have planned for my birthday (in less than a month, thank you very much) but I’m thinking of giving 30-related gifts.

For example: For Ninnerz's birthday, I'll give him 30 Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs. For Scuba, I’ll give him 13 Going on 30 - the DVD!

You know… fun stuff, while still pressing the fact that we’re old as fuck.

And then this happened.

Let’s all take a moment to recall that Jerry Gergich has done one thing right: he helped Chandler and Monica adopt the babies.

Just finished the ninth season of FRIENDS. Am taking a break from the marathon by watching The Avengers.

If, at any point, I think I hear Tony Stark say, “How you doin’?”, I’ll admit I might have a problem.