This Wonderful Bag of Stuff

Thought it was time for an updated picture. 

Met my brother’s fiancee for the first time this weekend, at our cousin’s wedding.

I think she’s going to fit in with the family just fine.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this here, but my little brother is getting married! He proposed to his girlfriend a couple months ago, and they’re in the midst of planning for the April 12th (2014) wedding, as we speak!

This weekend, Mom and her husband went to San Diego to see the happy couple, and to help with the planning. Mom’s husband is a photographer, so he took engagement shots during the visit.

Here’s one of my favorites. I’m so very, very excited for the two of them!

After toiling with the idea and what to do with it, I caved and established a blog that would compile the crazy stories of an associate of mine.

The blog, entitled “The Stores of McMichaelson”, can be found here:

Working on a post a day, so stay tuned!

When I’m not trolling Tumblr, I’m spamming my followers’ Vine feed… while wearing outfits such as these.

This is what you’re missing, if you a) don’t have Vine and/or b) aren’t following me.

I made a Vine, earlier, of the TARDIS with Alan Parsons Project’s “Silence and I” playing in the background.

I laughed after posting it, realizing the incredible appropriateness of the whole thing.

A work in progress…

(Don’t worry, I’ll get to 110%!)

Oh, Google…

“Hey, Bob… whatcha thinkin’ about?” #phoneyromance

“Hey, Bob… whatcha thinkin’ about?” #phoneyromance

Such an attention whore… The minute I sit down, he’s all about the love.