This Wonderful Bag of Stuff

And then this happened.

Dear writers of “House”, can you please stop doing the “crazy beginning to the story that is actually closer to the end of the story, then going back by using the ‘number of days/hours/minutes earlier’ device” for the season finales?


Wait, “House”… WHAT?!

So, they spend the whole episode trying to find out what was wrong with the guy.

The guy was apparently reacting bad to the leafy greens the hospital was giving him.

Guy bounces after getting cured, right before the team finds out he’s a serial killer who eats his victims?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Okay, I like Taub a little better now.

He watches classic Doctor Who at 3am.

The tagline for “House, MD” is “Everybody Lies”… not “Everybody Lives”.

That awesome moment when House sticks up for the little guy.

Of all the characters to have been killed off, why couldn’t it have been Taub?

I mean, Kutner being dead is still good… why couldn’t it have been some kind of buddy-suicide pact thing? Like, put us out of our misery!

So, now we have a “Her Story” episode of “House”? It’s not the same without the inner-monologue and the weird little daydreams… but ah well.
Did “House” really go all “Scrubs” on us with having us follow Wilson around, instead of House?
That awkward moment when your problem is a dead African dictator.