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I did a miniseries on Vine tonight, called “Freaky Bartie”. 

For those who don’t follow me, it’s a spoof of Freaky Friday, where I switch places with… my Muppet.

Thought it was time for an updated picture. 

Today was a day of spoilers, as I made a series of Vines giving away the endings of certain movies.

Met my brother’s fiancee for the first time this weekend, at our cousin’s wedding.

I think she’s going to fit in with the family just fine.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this here, but my little brother is getting married! He proposed to his girlfriend a couple months ago, and they’re in the midst of planning for the April 12th (2014) wedding, as we speak!

This weekend, Mom and her husband went to San Diego to see the happy couple, and to help with the planning. Mom’s husband is a photographer, so he took engagement shots during the visit.

Here’s one of my favorites. I’m so very, very excited for the two of them!

Okay, I can’t seriously be the only person who caught the Back to the Future reference (“Hill Valley”) in this season of Teen Wolf…?

So, I definitely squealed during most of the Stiles/Lydia scenes in this week’s episode…
I Make Comparisons with Food

I see the Moffat/Whovian relationship as though the Whovian wants a particular food item for dinner and Moffat has to prepare and serve it. Using the recipe and the ingredients available, Moffat whips up the food item, with passion and creativity, putting thought into what the Whovian wants while also putting a bit of himself into the process. And when all’s said and done, he brings the food item out to the Whovian, smiles and says, “Bon appetit!”

To which the Whovian looks at the food item, sneers, and says, “I didn’t want it in this bowl.”

A #SomethingInterestingFromNC #remake of Eric Hohnke’s #InterestingStoriesFromMI #series!

Carolynglee, I too have a tough time making friends!