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Time Lord: Assemble!

Currently watching Captain America: The First Avenger, and I thought of the time I wrote about how the Doctor had a hand in creating the Avengers.

[Mind, this was before series seven started, and before the whole “Who is Clara?/The Impossible Girl” thing came to light.]

A fan fiction I’d written, based around the story and characters of TV’s Dead Like Me, introducing a new character: Goodwin Fortune.

In which the world, once again, makes me feel like a petty asshole.

Note: This was written back around August/September of 2012, and before any of the “girl died twice” stuff. So, read with that in mind. Otherwise, enjoy!

Note: Don’t read this if you plan on being a pretentious “critic” about it.

If you love me, you’ll read this; then you’ll love it, too! 

And if you do end up loving it, talk to me about it! I’d love to talk about where the story came from and all that! Yay!

I’m not a people person; however, people don’t seem to understand this about me.
Opening line of a story I will never write, that came to my head, earlier this evening.
Did I ever tell y’all about “The Fanboy Detective Agency”?